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Very official list of things I was happy to not have to do now that I’m a dude

  • plucking my eyebrows
  • shaving my armpits
  • shaving my legs
  • etc.

Alright so the list is way fucking longer but let’s just talk about this grooming part.  I have got to be honest.  I’m not a huge fan of hair.  Like on the body… outside of on my head.  It bugs me a bit.  Anna once told me that in her college days over at Bryn Mawr she had a long stretch where she didn’t shave.  The idea of this made me all sorts of “OHHHHHH GAAAAWD REALLY???”  It wasn’t because I think that women should be hairless wonders or they aren’t beautiful, it’s that I’m just not a big fan of hair.  Ya know?

Then I started to transition from FTM.  I had great distress over my body hair choices. OH THE INNER TURMOIL!  Would I keep shaving?  Would that give me away?   Would others be examining my leg hair choices?  Oh LORD the angst. (note the idea of cutting off my breasts feels like a breath of fresh air.  Not shaving my legs… VERY STRETCHING)  Eventually Anna suggested I try, just try allowing my body hair to roam wild and free.  So like the big boy I am, I gave it a go.

Turns out I FUCKING LOVE having armpit hair.  It makes me feel like me.  It’s way more comfortable in this odd sort of way.  Your skins not all rubbing up against itself.  I feel less sweaty. It’s freeing.

Enter leg hair.

I have to tell you, I think that men have been suffering in silence for decades.  Leg hair, although looking very manly is pretty uncomfortable.  I mean it gets all tangled and matted and pulled.  It’s all kinds of injustice.

Women with longer hair, imagine you’ve had your hair up in a tight pony tail all day.  You get your pyjamas on, maybe light a candle go to relax in bed but first you take that elastic out and you feel that terrible tingly feeling of your hair moving.  If you’ve had long hair you know the feeling.  It’s terrible– every time I take off my socks.  WELCOME TO MY LEG HAIR WORLD OF TORTURE!

Silently suffering I tell you.  I mean sure, we’re entitled to education all over the world, our chances of sexual assault are exponentially lower, and people often listen to the words coming out of our mouthes and believe them as true and important just because we said them, BUT it’s something.  Something I tell you.

So next time you think to yourself “Guys have it so lucky with their hairy bodies”  think again.